New Moon pulls up a Wave of Fish

Catchin & Smilin

Smiling Faces

Report is for 3-26 – 3-28-17 – Fishing had been a little tough for some, sporadic. Talked to several people that were struggling to get a few bites. The NEW MOON on the 27th made a quick change to that. This new moon pulled a WAVE of fish up and shallower.

My fishing party on the 27th had more success, making it a happy day. They had spent a couple days prior on the lake and had a difficult time finding anything to bite.

On the 28th my guests had a whopping good time. We caught around 50 fish. Fish of all sizes, several 3-5 pound fish. The biggest fish caught was pushing 8 pounds.

Smiling faces is what makes my day. I am very glad to be of service to these visitors to our Great Guntersville Lake. I’m sure they will return in the future.

Happy Visitors

A good ending to a fishing trip



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