Fishing Reports

For Lake Guntersville, AL

New Moon pulls up a Wave of Fish

Report is for 3-26 – 3-28-17 – Fishing had been a little tough for some, sporadic. Talked to several people that were struggling to get a few bites. The NEW MOON on the 27th made a quick change to that. This new moon pulled a WAVE of fish up and shallower. My fishing party on the 27th had more success, making it a happy day. They had spent a couple days prior on the lake and had a difficult time finding anything to bite. On the 28th my guests had a whopping good time. We caught around 50 fish. Fish of all sizes, several 3-5 pound fish. The biggest fish caught was pushing 8 pounds. Smiling faces is what makes my day. I am very glad to be of service to these visitors to our Great Guntersville Lake. I’m sure they will return in the future. Curt 256-990-0376 Curtstaley on the Web Guntersvilleville Bass  /  Lake Guntersville Bass... read more

Lake Guntersville Fishing Report

The bite was really starting to turn on before this last cold front came through. The water temp was up around 60 and there was a lot of fish moving up and all the fish we were catching came from 6 feet or less on crankbaits and traps. After the cold front the water temp dropped almost 10 deg.  Into the low 50’s and a lot of the fish backed out. Cranks and traps are still producing along with a big swimbait and a jig. This next week things should really heat up with all this warm weather that is forecasted and that big wave of fish should really start to move in. Good times are coming as long as another big cold front doesn’t come back in. This is just a quick report since I had a little time and I am off to the lake for the afternoon. I will post some pics in my next report when I have a little more time and not in a hurry to get to the lake. Curt Staley’s Pro Guide Service 256-990-0376 Lake Guntersville, Alabama Guntersville Bass, Guntersville Bass Guide Mail to:... read more

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville, Fishing Report from Lake Guntersville Guide Service

This year has been so hectic that I just haven’t had time to get up any reports but I finally have some time so I thought I would give a little update on the fishing so far. We have been catching most of our fish in 8 to 10 feet of water on crankbaits in a milfoil and hydrilla mix.  Most of the bites have been really subtle and you think you are pulling the bait out of a clump of grass and then it changes direction and you realize it’s not grass. A few have really slammed it. The other fish we are catching are on jigs and traps and those bites have been more aggressive. We have caught fish as shallow as 2 feet and as deep as 15. We are also catching fish off rock mixed with some stumps. Somedays we have gotten bit off from almost every stop and then other days you will hit 3 or 4 places before getting bit but when you finally get bit there seems to be others. I have days open if anyone wants to get out. Just give me a call or text. Curt Staley’s Pro Guide Service 256-990-0376 Lake Guntersville, Alabama Guntersville Bass, Guntersville Bass Guide Mail to:... read more

4-6-15 Fishing Report / Tip Lake Guntersville, AL.

Fridays full moon along with the warm weather has pulled some big waves of fish up and they are bedding big time. Fish plastics in four feet or less. Lizards, brush hogs, senko’s or any type of small creature bait. Stay covering water and you will find small stretches where they are bedding big time and you will catch 5 to 10 fish really quick. Look for hard bottoms and keep your eyes open and you just might find that fish of a life time laying just feet from your bait.