Big bite on a 1oz Jig


The bite here as of lately has been pretty good, but as usual in fishing we have had a few days that were tough but sometimes that is just how it goes. The flipping bite has been our main choice with a 1 oz. jig. We have also caught fish on topwater, spinnerbait’s and a few on a frog.

All of our big bites are coming by flipping in around 10 feet and when you hit one get back in there as quick as you can because there may be 3, 4, or 5 fish sitting there. The biggest thing is finding if they are in the scattered stuff or up tight to the thicker edge. The time of day has been the biggest factor in the positioning of the fish and the current weather conditions. Bright sun is always the best for flipping.

I have days available in September and October if anyone wants to get out. I anticipate the Frog bite this fall to be pretty good.

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