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Licensed USCG Captain

Longest running Bass Fishing Guide service on Guntersville Lake

Proudly serving clients for 16 years

26 years of experience on Lake Guntersville Using the tools to find them

We fish with everyone from the beginner to the tournament angler

The next Cast could be that 10 pounder

Make the best out of your fishing vacation, spend more time catching fish!

Come and fish the Big-G........The best Bass lake in the country!

What a Beauty

Welcome to Curt Staley’s Pro Guide Service.

My goal is to share my 25+ years experience fishing Lake Guntersville so that I may provide each and every customer with a successful trip. I also desire to develop a lifetime career as a professional angler, a highly respectable guide on Lake Guntersville, and a representative for outdoor products.

My experience has included competing in regional and national tournaments along with 15 years of professional guiding.

My experience has been featured in popular magazines, news articles, and an array of fishing websites.’s articles featuring Curt Staley

I will earn your repeat business.

Curt Staley

Curt Staley's Pro Guide Service

Why Use A Pro Guide Service?

Learn the Lake

A guide will know the water and where to go fish. They can show you how to run the lake safely, the best and not so great places to cast out, and tips for specific areas. You will most likely catch more fish and improve your techniques.

Try Out New Equipment

A bonus of going out with a professional guide is the ability to tryout different top of the line baits and gear. This can save you a lot of money or help you decide on which one will work best for a season or water condition.

It’s Fun and Relaxing

A professional guide will do all the hard stuff and allow you to sit back, relax, and more importantly FISH! The guide can assist in a variety of task such as teaching or demonstrating knots, aiding in getting fish in the boat and off the hook, and maneuver the boat. Trips also include taking pictures so you will be able share your experiences with friends and family.

16 Years of Service as a Bass Guide on Guntersville Lake

Welcome to my Bass Fishing Guide Service website.  I am now in my 16th year of full time guiding, taking people fishing on Lake Guntersville.  My service is the longest running guide service on the lake. I set out everyday day to make every ones trip the best that it can be even though the fish may not cooperate. I have had 100 fish days on this lake and go back the next day and am unable to locate the schools again, or the TVA has shut the current off and it scattered the fish out.

Whether the bite is wide open or it is a tough day I will put all my effort into making your day the best that I can. With 16 years of experience I have learned to take the good days with the bad days. Being on the lake over 250 days a year has given me a tremendous amount of knowledge and conditional experience with water and weather changes. When the fish change we have to adjust. We do have some bad days. But, you can count on me giving you 110% of my effort to get us back on some fish.

I remember going fishing at a famous lake in Florida when I was a kid with my dad. On the entrance to the marina area was a sign…..On the exit going out of the marina was a second sign. Now, more than ever do I appreciate what those two signs mean to us die hard fishaholics…..

sign going in – “They bit yesterday”                           sign going out – “They will bite tomorrow”

I will do my best to get them to bite Today!


Every year many people start a guide service. They last a few months, a year, maybe a couple years. Curt has withstood the test of time with customers that come back year after year. Now in his 16th season serving visitors coming to Lake Guntersville, as well as locals wanting to enjoy a day on the lake and gain some knowledge, or just anticipating that Big G monster.

Many guides claim long time experience and guide service, but nobody shows or verifies it. The website is THE place for bass and lake fishing reports on the net. The following link below is Curt’s first post on this site. He guided a while before finding this report advertising avenue.

Lake Guntersville, Alabama Submitted by Curt Staley’s Pitch & Cast Guide Service on 4/19/2001



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Curt delivers quality fishing reports of his experiences and tips for the water.

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